EMCO Programing Manual

I have now scanned the Emco Compact-5/CNC programing manual into PDF format. YOu may download them freely, since EMCO no longer supports these machines in any way.

As most of these files are quite large, and will take some time to download, I would suggest downloading each to your disk, then saving all to a CD-ROM (against future disk crashes, etc), and then printing them at leisure.

Also, because they were scanned at a high resolution, to lose the minimum of readability, they will take a long time to display, so printing them out and working from the printout (a good laser printer would be the best) will probably be less frustrating.

Here is a listing of the files and their sizes

The 'ch0.pdf' is the master index and some introductory information which had no visible chapter markings in the rather idiosyncratic page numbering scheme which EMCO used. In particular, be warned that while a single page covers two M-codes, M30 and M99, the Next several pages cover M98, so you may miss M99 if you look after M98 for it. Also -- there are several places where multiple G-codes are covered in a single page, as well as large gaps -- these are not missing pages, but rather G-codes which were not implemented in this system.

A few pages will look a little different, because several pages were missing from the manual I obtained from EMCO (along with the upgraded CPU board, the DNC board, and the serial/video interface board). Luckily, I got another copy of the manual -- sans covers -- with a spare-parts machine in which the electronics were fried by a combination of a power supply failure in overvoltage mode, and a "repair" attempt by putting in too large a fuse, thus removing the protection which the original fuse offered.

The programing form is saved as a single page, but you may wish to print several copies, as the manual had perhaps ten identical copies. Any you may wish to print some which you will not bind into the manual.

   SIZE  File name
  30925 cover.pdf
 481268 ch0.pdf
1484977 ch1.pdf
6439929 ch2.pdf
3371594 ch3.pdf
7404409 ch4.pdf
  95736 programing-form.pdf

Enjoy, DoN.